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Committed to continuing accountability, standards of excellence,
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The College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy (CPSP) emerged as a new leadership organization in the pastoral care and counseling movement in 1990.  CPSP has grown at a phenomenal rate since its inception, faster than any other pastoral care organization.  After just 30 years over 1014 credentialed persons now work in hospitals, hospices, counseling centers, churches, seminaries and psychotherapy offices around the world.

CPSP has its basic identity in the pastoral care movement which began in the last century.  CPSP fosters the exploration of the inner-self leading to personal transformation of the clinically trained minister.  Transformation rather than skill development is the essential meaning and purpose of the movement.  CPSP is committed theologically and primarily to the development of the idiosyncratic self of the clinically trained religious professional.  It is further committed to the development of specialists in Pastoral Counseling, Clinical Chaplaincy, Pastoral Supervision and Pastoral Psychotherapy.

Matters that are typically dealt with in other certifying bodies by centralized governance are dealt with primarily in Chapters.  CPSP is organized in such a way that each member participates in a relatively small group called a Chapter.  Teaching or counseling programs directed by CPSP Diplomates are the primary responsibility of the Chapter.

"Recovery of soul" is a metaphor that points toward the values of CPSP.   The values are further expressed in the CPSP Covenant.
CPSP is a member organization of the Joint Commission Liaison Network
Holds affiliate status with the Association of Theological Schools (ATS)
Is a member of the organization of COMISS
Is a joint sponsor of the Journal of Pastoral Care
Participates in the leadership of the International Congress of Pastoral Care

Dr. Bob Griffin
Phone: 404-444-8248
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