Training In Pastoral Care

Initial, intermediate, and advanced training for persons seeking to enhance their practice of pastoral care. Pastoral Care Education and Training is for laypersons. Explores the needs, motivation, and methods of pastral care provided by volunters in the context of their faith communities.

Programs of training are designed around the needs of each congregation.  Evening program, one day or weekend retreata are designed to optimize the tr4aining and development of laypersons in a community setting.

Subjects for training include:
The Miracle of Pastoral Care
The Motivation for Pastoral Care
The Basic Method of Pastoral Care
Speical Issue:  Marriage and Family
Special Issue:  Death and Dying
Special Issue:  Grief
Special Issue:  Trauma and Crisis
Speacial Issue:  The Need for Referral
On-going Programs of Pastoral Cae in a Congregation

Contact  Chaplain Bob Griffin for design and planning.